2004  Two hardened travelers take the Ferry from Rosyth to Zeebrugge and venture to the East of France. Staying at :- Chalons en Champagne, Contrexeville, Verdun and Bruges. (James and Dave S)


2005    The two increase to five and travel, Rosyth to Zeebrugge on the Ferry then staying :- Challon, Avallon, St Claude, Faulquemont then descend on Spa for their last night. (James, Dave S, Dave W, Karen and Jimmy)


2006     Known as the Le Mans trip these famous five depart from Rosyth on the Ferry to Zeebrugge and arrange a stay near Le Mans for the MotoGP. Staying at :- Treport, Chateu Dun, Chateu Dun, Norgent sur Seine and finally Laon. (James, Dave S, Dave W, Karen and Jimmy)


2007     The five add one more to make six who depart again from Rosyth. This year they head to the Voges Mountains and the Grand Ballon. The weather being very favourable, they head south to Switzerland and make a swift visit to Chamonix, Annecy and Geneva. Accomodation was :- Charleville Mezieres, Epinal, Vesoul, Martigny, Neuchatel, Thann, Epinal and Chalons en Champagne. (James. Dave S, Dave W, Craig, Karen and Jimmy)

  Links to hairpinbend Youtube clip of a random hairpin bend in the Voges Mountains


2008    The Goaty Tour - Rosyth to Zeebrugge and four venture in to Germany. Initially with a visit to Spa and the Nurburgring then heading south through Germany's Black Forest spending most of our time finding smaller mountain roads to perfect the art of the 'hairpin bend'. A quick stint in the Voges Mountains. Nights at :- Spa, Adenau, Annweiler, Freudenstadt, Neustadt, Freiberg, Mullheim, Blankenheim. (James, Dave S, Dave W, Craig)

 Vosges MountainLink to some runs through the Voges Mountains


2009   St Tropez. The Goaty four return via Rosyth, Zeebrugge and make a small coffee stop in St Tropez. Most of the tour was off the beaten track on smaller roads visiting the Black Forest, Annecy, St Tropez and the Voges Mountains. Staying at :- Bastogne, Colmar, Annecy, Digne Les Bain, Forcalquier, Chalon Sur Saone, Nancy. (James, Dave S, Dave W, Craig)

 Ballon d' Alsace D465 Youtube clip of the south road climbing the Ballon d' Alsace on the return from St Tropez


2010    Six venture to Hull for the Ferry to Zeebrugge and travel through Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France. Spectacular scenery and huge snow walls at the side of the road (St Bernards Pass). Featuring Spa, Black Forest, Lake Geneva, Morzine, Mt Blanc Tunnel, Petit St Bernards pass, Albertville. Heavy rain on the return from Hull north. The 'Moose' was let loose in Todtmoos. Accomodation :- Prum, Annweiler, Neustadt, Evian, Albertville, Bourg En Bresse, Munster, Nancy. (James, Dave W, Craig, Malcolm, Karen and Jimmy) Some photos are linked to a trip the same year around the north coast of Scotland

              Cormet de Roseland D925    Cormet de Roseland D925    Cormet de Roseland D925    Marmot     (Roads near Albertville)

              Mt Blanc Tunnel    A40 to Chamonix    (Road and Tunnel near Chamonix)

              Col de St Bernards Pt1    Col de St Bernards Pt2    Col de St Bernards Pt3    Col de St Bernards Pt4    (From Italy to France)

              D902 Morzine    D902 Morzine    D902 Morzine    D902 Morzine   (Roads from Morzine to Chamonix)


2011    Two new adventurers join for a trip heading south in Germany - Ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam then visits to Spa, Black Forest, Lake Constance. The two euro virgins take a gripping plunge in to Italy and a skoot north to meet the rest at the Ferry. Meanwhile the remaining four have a play in the Ballons/ Voges mountains then take two laps of the Nurburgring. Nice cup of Jasmine had at Freiberg. Staying at :- Wittlich, Annweiler, Freiberg, Uberlingen, Mullheim, Mt Donon, Adenau, Amsterdam. (James, Dave S, Dave W, Craig, John, Willie)

               Links to video backwards from KTM

               Link to Johns DVD?


2012      Three take the Ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam and head to Germany with the Rhein and Mossel rivers in site. Locate the start of a long road that leads to Annweiler. Weather fairly wet. And a cold wet run from Newcastle north. Accomodation :- Arnsberg, Asbach, Hauenstein, Plombiers, Thann, Morbach. (James, Dave W, Craig)

                Links to video front face KTM


2013   The four hardened Euro bikers return for a bit of a Counrty adventure. Netherlands

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, France, Luxemburg and Belgium